For Students

  • Discipline in the school campus and among the students is mandatory.
  • Students have to come in proper school uniform.
  • Students should not litter the school premises.
  • Speaking in English is highly recommended and is mandatory.
  • No junk food should be brought in school.
  • Students cannot gather outside the school after dispersal.
  • Private vehicles of students are prohibited.
  • School doesn’t take any responsibility of the security of personal vehicles of students.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any kind of electronic gadgets and money to school
  • Fee for the entire session has to be deposited monthly before the 10th of every month otherwise fine will be charged.
  • School fee will be charged from April to March (i.e. for 12 months).
  • The school provides transport facility to the students on certain routes and charges according to the distance.
  • Transport fee for the same has to be deposited for only 11 months.

For Parents   

  • Personal information should be accurately filled on the first page as soon as you received the notebooks.
  • Parents should send the diary everyday in the school bag of their ward. It is also required to check the ward’s diary daily and sign the notes given by the teacher.
  • Send your ward in proper uniform and ID card is mandatory.
  • Parents should send home cooked food for lunch. Junk food is prohibited.
  • Students will not be dispersed before the school gets over. In case of any emergency, prior in intuition to school id mandatory.
  • The school fee has to be submitted before due date otherwise Late Fee submission Fine will be charged.
  • School will not be responsible for any kind of miss happening if the ward uses a personal vehicle for conveyance.